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Roam by Mangata is a small-group escorted tour company for women—and every trip is designed and hosted by me. My goal is to introduce YOU to the exotic, far-flung destinations I love, so you can explore safely, and with like-minded travelers who’ll make you feel welcome.

Go off the beaten path and just out of your comfort zone on itineraries that prioritize enriching cultural discovery.
I cap each trip at just 10-12 travelers so we can stay nimble—diving deep into each destination. Discover where we’re Roaming next:


Fall in love with the kaleidoscopic sight, sounds, and flavors of Morocco, as we travel through mountains, deserts, souks, and kasbahs to discover the country’s rich cultural traditions.

Camel ride through the Saharan sand dunes and spend the night beneath the desert’s thick blanket of stars. Trek through the stunning landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, studded with traditional Berber villages. Cook up tagine and couscous, become a work of art yourself during a henna ceremony, unwind in a traditional Moroccan hammam, and souk shop until you drop in the dizzying medinas of Fez and Marrakech. Oh, and be ready to drink your weight in delicious Moroccan mint tea.

Oct 10 to Oct 20, 2024


Explore the incomparable Dalmatian Coast during our Dubrovnik city stay and private chartered yacht sailing. In Dubrovnik, get lost in the cobblestone streets lined with red-roofed buildings, cook up Croatian classics during a hands-on cooking class, and cycle through the city on a guided bike tour.

Next, we’re island-hopping across the coast in our own gulet, a traditional sailing yacht. Croatia boasts over a thousand islands, each with its own distinct beauty. With our chartered gulet, we’ll explore several islands, immersing ourselves in their distinct charms and discovering hidden gems along the way. Swim in in crystal-clear turquoise waters, snorkel in secluded coves, and soak up the sun on pristine beaches—all while our dedicated gulet crew keeps us well-fed and perfectly pampered.

June 7 to June 17, 2024


Discover the best of Istanbul—and beyond—on a combination tour featuring cultural immersion in the city and a one-of-a-kind cruise experience on a traditional Turkish yacht. In Istanbul, we’ll make time to explore the can’t-miss sights, like the imposing Blue Mosque and heady Spice Market, and then go off the beaten path to connect with locals. Get your fortune told through Turkish coffee grounds, try a local’s savory borek pastry just pulled from the oven in her home, learn the ancient art of carpet weaving, and cook together at a women’s collective.

Then we’ll switch our focus from city minarets to Turkey’s azure blue waters during our coastal yacht cruise. Enjoy a laid back and leisurely sailing to some of Turkey’s most gorgeous stretches of coastline, like buzzing Bodrum and Cleopatra Beach (as breathtaking as its namesake!). Along the way, we’ll snorkel among marine life, kayak and paddleboard along serene waters, discover secluded bays bigger ships miss, and dig into delicious local favorites cooked up just for us on board.



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