The Allure of Small-Ship Cruising

From the rugged cliffs of Greenland to the lush heart of the Peruvian Amazon, the sun-kissed beaches of Tahiti to the azure allure of the Greek Islands, my travels have taken me to some of the world’s most breathtaking locations via the road less traveled—or shall I say, the sea less sailed. As a fervent advocate of small-ship cruising, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the majesty of the sea aboard intimate vessels.

Even if you’re not a cruiser, let me share with you the benefits of a small ship cruise. I’m not a big ship cruiser myself but sailing on a more intimate vessel is an entirely different experience. I’m a fan!

Intimacy on a Small-Ship Cruise

The intimacy a small-ship cruise offers is irreplaceable. I’ve sailed on ships where the crew and passengers become familiar faces and have many dear friends I’ve met onboard. With small ships typically ranging from 100 to 600 travelers, you’re not a room number—you’re an explorer amongst friends. This level of personal touch is a quality I value and embrace while traveling.

Lure of Exploration

Then there’s the lure of exploration into places where both large ships and even roads can’t reach. In Greenland I was in awe of the towering icebergs, the narrow fjords and, of course, the magnificent polars bears! Exploring remote villages along the Amazon and sailing up the Nile are travel experiences that can’t be replicated in other forms. The small size of the ships allow for access to secluded ports and off-the-beaten-track experiences, a huge benefit.

Tailored Itineraries

Another benefit that I value is the tailored itineraries that are offered. From the Christmas Markets of the Danube to the history-focused sailing up the Mekong, there is something for everybody. The itineraries are often unique, focused on a specific theme or destination. Onboard experiences are designed to complement the destinations and it’s truly a unique and once-in-a-lifetime journey.

My Advice?

Explore your options! Dive into the intimate experience of a small-ship cruise where you can connect with fellow travelers, uncover hidden ports, and enjoy personalized service. Embrace the unique adventures that await as you explore the pristine corners of the globe that larger ships can’t reach. The possibilities are endless.